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On-Line Pipe Wrapping

On-Line Pipe Wrapping

Composite wrap is a permanent, cost-effective pipeline repair technology, suitable for non-leaking defects such as pits, dents, gouges, and external corrosion. Composite wrap can be performed on an operating pipeline without taking it out of service. This repair technique is quick and generally less costly than other repair options, and it permanently restores the pressure-containing capability of the pipe when properly installed.

Composite wrap repair can be used for permanent repair of non-leaking defects on pipelines and temporary repair of defects caused by internal corrosion.

Composite wrap is an alternative to pipeline replacement often outweigh the downtime.


  • The pipeline can usually operate at pressures of at least half of full pressure, which avoids potential service interruptions, revenue losses, and vented gas costs.

  • The light weight of the composite wrap material makes it relatively easy to install. Two skilled technicians can complete a repair without welding, cutting, or special handling equipment. 

  • Composite wrap eliminates costly delays for specifying and procuring metal sleeves or pipe segments to repair the pipeline.

  • Composite wrap restores the pipe's original pressure capabilities and improves its resistance to further structural deterioration. 

  • Tests of segments repaired with composite wrap indicate continuous cathodic protection. 

Compliant Standards 

  • ASME PCC-2 2006 Post Construction Code Repair using Non-metallic Materials

  • ASME B31.4 Paragraph 451.6.2

  • ASME B31.8 Paragraph 851.42

  • ISO-TS 24817 – Composite repair for pipe work – Qualification and design, installation, testing and inspection

  • NRF-030-PEMEX-2006 paragraph

  • NRF-0187pemex-2007 paragraph

  • API 570

  • DOT*


*Note: These standards do not endorse products, but sets forth regulations for non-metallic repairs

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