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In-Situ Induction Heating

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In-Situ Induction Heating

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. Our machine systems’ capability is up to 80kw complete with calibrated digital recorders and accessories. The portable system is able to access to tight areas and is easy to set-up providing uniform heat throughout the whole work piece.

In induction heating, this effect gives a more even heat at the area to be preheated or postweld heat treated. This differs from the electric process in which the heat is transferred from a heating coil to the outer wall of the material.

Advantages of Induction Heating system:

  • No radiated heat from cables (during preheat, welder not exposed to hot surface)

  • Heating cable can be exposed to water / rain (no short circuit)

  • Easy setting up -reduce cycle time

  • Lower consumable cost

  • Uniform heat throughout work piece (better quality weld during preheat)

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